Is it possible to choose your level of involvement in your kids education? What if you could ensure that they are receiving a unique, individualized education at affordable prices?

Arts Workshop all Week This Week!


In September 2013, Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) will be offering more choices in Parental Education!

As the model school for Aletheia Christian College (ACC), LCA was opened part-time in the Fall of 2011 and has run as a home school assistance center for the last 2 years. This fall, ACC is re-opening LCA as one of the premiere academic schools in southern Idaho for grades K-12.

There are multiple options available for students of all ages. Families which are committed to raising up their own children independently are still more than welcome to attend specific courses they need help on, or attend LCA’s many arts programs. Families who want to be a part of a growing, vibrant community of learners and teachers are welcome to send their students full time, take community courses, volunteer, or take courses from ACC, the parent college of LCA.

  • Pre-Readers meet mornings 5 days a week: a great alternative to daycare!
  • Readers includes grades 2-8 in a one-room school setting. This is the highlight of ACC’s model of teaching, education based on what worked in American History.
  • High School is a university style full time school which welcomes home school students as well as full time 9-12 Graders.

Mission Statement

We desire to raise up courageous men and women of truth who will have the moral stamina and intellectual tools to be pioneers of the Gospel.

Liberty Christian Academy is a model school of Aletheia Christian College.